Smart Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Smart Solar water heater Malaysia combines efficient sun absorption technologies, high-grade materials, and modern sensors and features to produce a water heating system that delivers hot water when you need it.

Take advantage of the predominantly warm and sunny climate in Malaysia. And even for the less sunny days? Enjoy hot water even in cloudy weather through its maximized heating transfer and passive sunlight tracking features.

Smart Solar Water Heater Malaysia: Advanced Technology & More

  • Heat Pipe + Evacuated Tube Technology
  • Close Loop Pressurized System
  • 360 Degrees Sunlight Reflector Booster
  • Smart Temperature Controls

What Can You Expect from a Smart Solar Water Heater Malaysia?

  • Superb and safe water heating on any day. With its solar heating technology, this water heater does away with unsafe electrical wires and sockets in the shower area. Your family – especially your kids – gets warm or hot water from a heating system that’s safe and electric-proof.
  • Corrosion-free and leak-free water heating. Never worry about pipes leaking or copper corrosion on your solar water heating system ever again. With the Smart Solar water heater Malaysia, you get clean, safe, and conveniently hot water in your home on any day or night.
  • Maximum sun absorption. Efficiently designed with its 360-degree sunlight reflector, heat absorption is maximized while effective heat transfer is ensured at any point in the operation.
  • Huge long-term savings. Save us much as RM 26k for the long term, especially where electricity expenses for water heating are concerned.

Smart Solar Water Heater Malaysia Packages & Solutions

Take a look at some of the packages from Smart Solar:

  • SS 150 – Tank capacity at 150L. Up to 4 users. Dimensions: 1520L x 1987W.
  • SS 200 – Tank capacity is at 200L. From 4-6 users. Dimensions: 1850L x 1987W.
  • SS 300 – Tank capacity at 300L. From 6-8 users. Dimensions at 2400L x 1987W.

Looking for Eco-Friendly Water Heating? Look No More

Equipped with smart features such as temperature sensors and utilizing a closed-loop pressurized system that prevents copper corrosion and copper toxicity, this is a water heating system that is a step above the rest.

This is smart water heating at its finest. Call us to order a Smart Solar Water Heater Malaysia — we have different packages to cater to your unique needs.