How Solar Water Heating Works

Modern solar water heaters are quite a thing. Malaysian residents are increasingly purchasing solar heaters for their homes and commercial facilities. And it’s not surprising – these heating systems are unbelievably effective in saving energy bills. The best thing, perhaps, is that this technology is making use of the basic yet abundant and available power source on the planet – our own Sun.

But, how does the entire process work? How does sunlight get transformed into heat? While solar heating systems can differ by brand, all of them have the same two basic components: storage tank and collector. Collectors are normally with an absorber plate, glazing, and passages or water flow tubes. Its main purpose is transforming solar energy into heat. Storage tanks are used to store heated water until it is pumped into the water pipes installed within a building, whether residential or commercial. This is basically it. Some systems, like the hybrid ones, have an electrical back- up, so the owner can revert to electric power, if the sun is out for too long, but the heating mechanism and principle remains the same for all solar water heating systems.

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