Types of Solar Water Heaters

There are several solar heater types you can choose from. Your ultimate choice will depend on several factors, including your budget, technical preferences and brand availability. With Solar Heater Depot you can choose from over a dozen of globally renowned solar heater manufacturers, such as Kinetico, Summer, Meru, SolarMate, HeatFirst, and many others.

There are three types of solar water heaters available on the market. They are flat plate collector, evacuated tube collector, and heat pump systems. We are going to review them further.


Flat Plate Collector

This kind of solar water heater is distinguished by a large heat absorbing plate installed on the roof of a building or another flat surface. The system also comes with a flat plate collector, as follows from its name. Solar energy is harnessed through tubes or pipes connected to the absorbing plate. Flat plate collector heater system is more popular than the other two, easy to install, and can often be much cheaper, than other solar heating systems.


Evacuated Tube Collector

Evacuated tube collector system comes with tube collectors connected to a header pipe, with which they are held together in rows within one single frame. Round shape of tubes provides rather high heating efficiency indicators. Sun’s position in the sky during the day doesn’t affect the system’s capacity. This system is harder to install, so it’s best to hire a team of technicians, who will be able to make sure everything’s in place.


Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump system makes use of heat contained in the immediate vicinity around the heater, which is then used to heat water in the water tanks. It is very efficient in terms of heating water within a building it’s installed in. While a heat pump solar water heater system may often be the most expensive, comparing to flat plate collector and evacuated tube collector systems, it’s considered to be the most reliable and effective. And, same as with the evacuated tube collector system, you would have to get a hold of expert technicians, such as Solar Heater Depot’s, to get the solar water heater system installed properly.

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