Heatfirst Malaysia

HeatFirst is the synonym of reliability and stability. Air-source heat pumps made by this company have proved to be durable systems, when it comes to solar power water heaters. That said, this seemingly small Malaysian company is renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art heat pumps.

HeatFirstโ€™s systems are known for environmental friendliness due to using the eco-friendly refrigerant R134a that is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Another of HeatFirst heat pumpโ€™s advantages is the materials itโ€™s made of and its design โ€“ a perfect blend of corrosion-resistant and durable stainless steel casing protect it from external damage and a wide range of corrosive effects.

We are humbleย to be the first and official HeatFirst retailer throughout Malaysia. We have been providing excellent deals and maintenance services to our customers in the land, so they can enjoy a perfectly functioning HeatFirst heat pump and have clean, hot water throughout the year. By trusting your hot water needs to Solar Heater Depot, you get access to the following HeatFirst models for residential use:

Residential use

  • HRM-200L
  • HRM-200L
  • HRM-200L

As well as for commercial use

  • MP-200G
  • MP-500G
  • MP-800G
  • MP-1250G
  • MP- 2000G
  • MP-300G
  • MP-600G
  • MP-900G
  • MP-1500G
  • MP-400G
  • MP-700G
  • MP-1000G
  • MP-1750G

Solar Heater Depot is a nationally certified retailer working on a countrywide scale throughout Malaysia. For years in the industry we haveย become an integral part of the market. Our incredible team of professionals is always ready to help new and repeated customers to provide for their solar water heater system needs.

HeatFirst is one of the top brands at our disposal and we have some of the best deals in the country only for you!

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