What is a hybrid hot water system?

Hybrid solar hot water systems are the new hottest thing in the niche of solar heating technologies in Malaysia (no pun intended). As businesses and residents alike adapt solar-based tech more and more, they increase their interest in hybrid solar hot water systems, too. A hybrid system relies on a mix of technologies intended to improve on heat-sustaining efficiency or ensure steadiness of heat supply. That is, a modern solar water heater can be embedded with additional special tools for accessing and converting harnessed sun energy from micro-grid inverters, natural gases or solar panels. Some of the solar heaters even have an electric grid back-up for cases, when cloudy weather persists for long periods of time.

A perfect example of a hybrid solar hot water system would be a system consisting of photovoltaic panels mounted on a house’s rooftop and a water heater installed under it. Often, hybrid solar hot water systems are addressing surplus heat taken in by solar panels. The thing is that excessive heat absorption is capable of damaging solar panels over time. If you have a hybrid system running in your house or commercial facility, it will successfully manage this excessive heat, thus preventing your solar panels from malfunctioning.

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