Home Instant Water Heater

While we, at Solar Heater Depot, are primarily selling solar water heating systems, we also offer electric water heaters to our customers. Electric heaters may be not as cost-effective, as solar power-based systems, but they are much more efficient and ecologically friendly, comparing to water heating systems based on gas fueling. Due to not using natural gases or coal for its function, an electric water heater doesnโ€™t pollute air with any toxins or exhaustions. Unlike solar water heating systems, electric water heaters are using electricity for water heating. Sometimes electric water heaters are embedded into solar water heating systems to provide a back-up in case of long-term lack of access to sunlight.

Solar Heater Depot is a nationally registered retailer of solar and electric water heaters. We have been providing ultimate solutions on Malaysian market for over a decade. Right now, our company collaborates with the best manufacturers in the niche, who develop solar, electric, and hybrid water heating systems.

Electric water heaters available for purchase at our company represent an eco-friendly and efficient response to gas and coal-fueled alternatives. Some of the heaters are basically integral parts of solar water heaters. Whatever your water heating needs, Solar Heater Depot will make sure you get the best solution possible.

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