Solar Heater Depot offers expert assistance in choosing, installing and setting up premium solar water heaters from the leading manufacturers in Malaysia.

In case your solar heating system is malfunctioning, our team of highly qualified technicians will take care of it to settle things up.


We Are Solar Heater Depot

Hot water is a must. No matter, if you need it for your home or commercial facility, hot water is a means of comfort. This is what we, at Solar Heater Depot, are trying to provide our customers with – upper grade solar water heater solutions in Malaysia.

Solar Heater Depot is a certified retailer that represents over a dozen of premium-class solar water heater brands. Our goal is to make sure that each customer gets the most effective and affordable solution possible.

With over a decade of unstoppable practice, Solar Heater Depot has become one of the leading retailers on Malaysian market in the niche of solar water heaters. Our direct collaboration with the country’s most prominent solar water heater manufacturers allows us to develop incredibly advantageous solutions in terms of both the price and quality.


6 Reasons to Choose Solar Heater Depot


Qualified Professionals

We have the finest technicians, managers, drivers, and other specialists in our team in order to provide you with the best assistance possible, when you need to either buy or repair a solar water heater.


Premium-grade systems

All of the systems available for purchase at Solar Heater Depot are manufactured by nationally and internationally renowned companies, some of which have been around for decades.


High-end equipment

Solar water heaters that you can buy from us are manufactured with the use of high-end equipment, in accordance with the latest technologies to assure maximum efficiency and safety for you.


Caring customer support

You can always contact us, whether you are looking for a new solar water heater system, are in need of maintenance check-up or even repair assistance and always expect expert help for your matter.


Affordable prices

Due to being an official representative of each manufacturer, whose products we sell, we can develop great deals that do two things at once: provide you with outstanding tech and save you big money.


Tons of happy clients

Each customer that hires us to solve their needs, whether it’s a purchase, maintenance or repair, is always happy with the outcome due to our professional and individual approach.



In case you have issues with your solar water heater system, you can get a hold of Solar Heater Depot at any moment. We will send our best technicians to you and your system will be up and running in no time!



What do you do after buying a brand new solar water heater for your home or commercial facility? You need to install it, right? Solar Heater Depot will take care of it for you, so you don’t need to worry about it at all.



Solar Heater Depot are great guys, really. I have been looking for an affordable, yet efficient and durable solar water heater for my house, because I was tired of paying for unrealistically overpriced centralized water heating provided by the city authorities. Once I ran across this company and got a hold of them, it took just a few days before my brand new solar water heater was installed. Thank you for quick work!

– Jen Lin, footwear boutique owner

I rent a rather huge room on the fifth floor in a building in Kuala Lumpur as an office for my IT company. This is the last floor, by the way. It’s a bit old and its piping is old and rusty, too. We’ve had to do some major replacements, but decided to not connect to the centralized heating system. After some discussion we figured it’s best to get a solar water heating system instead of that based on gas. Solar Heater Depot did a great job of finding the precise solution we needed and mounting it just fine.

– Chen Mui, IT specialist

I’ve had a solar water heating system for quite a while now and for the last couple of years it wasn’t working perfectly – the tank was dripping, some of the valves weren’t turning as smooth, etc. The last straw was when it stopped heating water. I invited some guys, but they made it even worse. Luckily, I found Solar Heater Depot and told them all I knew about my system. They came over that same day, did some research and told me they would return the next day, which they did with a ton of tools. It took them a while, but right now everything is working perfectly!

– Jim Rob, retiree