Solar Water Heater Reviews

When you are looking for a solar water heating system in Malaysia, you want to get a solution that would be:

a) Effective
b) Safe
c) Durable

Other features, such as cost-efficiency and productivity are great bonuses, too. Solar Heater Depot offers you a short guide through the brands we’re collaborating with and whose systems you can purchase from us.

Aqua Solar

Aqua Solar manufactures the most efficient and durable solar water heater systems available on the market today. It is primarily known for its ASTR Series and L Series models. Aqua Solar uses aluminum, marine-grade stainless steel, and corrosion-free copper to manufacture its solar water heaters. Through a perfect blend innovation and traditional, proven methods, the company manages to bring upper-grade solutions. Aqua Solar heaters are known to provide quick and effective heating, whatever the capacity requirements. We are proud to be the brand’s official retailer and to provide our customers with outstanding solutions for their residential and commercial hot water needs.


HeatFirst is a rather popular Malaysian solar water heater manufacturer. The company is known for its state-of-the-art heat pumps. Heat pumps designed by HeatFirst are equally good for both commercial and residential use. The system manufactured by the company provides a great set of capacities that are meant to assure effective and quick water heating. The system is totally weatherproof, which makes it rather simple to install and durable throughout the many years of use. HeatFirst is one of the top solar water heater manufacturers that uses eco-friendly materials to make efficient heating systems that are, by the way, quiet enough to place in your living room.

Smart Solar

Established in 2005, Smart Solar stands as a prominent Malaysian brand specializing in solar hot water systems. With offerings tailored for both residential and commercial use, their products boast durability and efficiency due to their premium materials and components. Providing diverse financing options, Smart Solar aims to enhance accessibility to their solar hot water systems. Backed by a skilled team, the brand assists customers in selecting the ideal system for their requirements. For those seeking a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solar hot water solution, Smart Solar serves as an optimal choice in the Malaysian market.


Matahari has been supplying Malaysian market with its upper-grade solar water heater systems for over two decades now. After its foundation that took place back in 1999, Matahari has been manufacturing more and more solar water heaters, as the market has been growing bigger and bigger at an unbelievable pace. Matahari solar heaters are famous for their functional capacity and flexibility, which makes them suitable for basically any facility, whether commercial or residential. Thus, whether you’re a home owner that wants to ensure constant supply of hot water for their house or a business owner that needs hot water for their office, storage or any commercial facility, Matahari is a great way to solve your need.


Meru is a global solar heater manufacturing giant, so no wonder the company is one of the leading brands in the niche today. Meru is the synonym of outstanding quality. In other words, when you are looking for a solar heating solution, considering this company’s systems is a must-do. Multiple countries from all over the globe are using and selling systems manufactured by Meru. One of the main advantages related to these solar heaters is that the electric water heater withholds accumulated heat by means of non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation, which is why it is so efficient and practical.


First of all, Monier is known to be a roofing expert with an excellent track record and approach towards roofing solutions. The firm has been providing its services for over 50 years at this moment and has also proved to be a force to reckon with in the niche of solar water heating solutions. Monier has developed some truly innovative and highly effective solar water heaters, blending solar technologies with roofing. This unbelievable solar technology ensures up to 15% of savings on energy bills, efficient heating, and durability proven through over five decades of constant improvement, development, and faithful service.


When it comes to solar tech veterans, MySolar is definitely the name that should come up top. The brand has been supplying top-notch tech and developing new efficient and reliable systems on a regular basis for over three decades now. It is this company that has brought up high-end techniques and excellent production to the niche of solar water heaters in Malaysia. One of the features that that should be noted, when it’s about MySolar is the lightness solar water heaters manufactured by the company. That is, when you buy and mount a MySolar tank onto your roof, there’s no need to worry about it breaking through the roof and your house’s floors, since its construction is lightweight and doesn’t add a lot of weight, except for the water stored in the it.


Pecol is a well-known Malaysian manufacturer of solar heaters. The company has been around since the late 60’s of the 20 th century. It basically was the pioneering solar water heater brand in Malaysia. Pecol solar water heaters are known for their safety and efficiency. People that own Pecol solar water heaters have an uninterrupted supply of hot water all year round. All of this was achieved through non-stop development of technologies and putting them to use to the brand’s solar heater systems. Pecol solar water heater systems may be mounted both in residential and commercial properties, no matter how big or small they can be.


If you are looking for a highly efficient heating system, it’s definitely one of those manufactured by Polo. The brand specializes in highly power-efficient solar heating systems that ensure steady supply of hot water and low bills. Polo solar water heaters are known to be flexible and you can mount them onto any available flat surfaces. Solar heater systems manufactured by this company are also known for their built-in electric backup feature. Therefore, if you get caught by several cloudy, sunless days in a row, you will still get a steadfast supply of hot water in either your residential or commercial property.


If you want the best solar water heater in Malaysia, getting one manufactured by SolarMate should be one of your considerations, as this company is one of the top players in the niche. The brand has been around for over three decades as of 2019 and is known for upper-grade manufacturing of high-end solar heaters. Furthermore, SolarMate is has the official Malaysian Book of Records certificate for being the very first manufacturer of solar water heating systems in Malaysia. As of today, the company is one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of solar water heating systems in the country.


Solartech is a company that is absolutely synonymous with upper grade standards. The firm is recognized as one of the top Malaysian manufacturers of solar water heaters. It is known for creating solar water heating systems for other companies, including HearFirst, Kinetico, Meru, and Summer. SolarTech is one of the most reliable and reputed solar heating systems manufacturers in Malaysia and is reputed for bringing efficiency and stability, when it comes to solar power-based hot water supply.


Solarwave is a company that always backs its products up with extremely thorough research and performance testing before releasing its systems to the market. Solarwave is widely known for the development of a highly-efficient heating system that assures supply of hot water throughout the year for both commercial and residential facilities. As of technology, the company is known to employ inner copper coil design, tubular collectors, and non-pressurized water storage for its systems, which leads to a steady and reliable supply of hot water all year round.


Summer is known for its solar water heaters throughout all of Malaysia. Many happy owners consider Summer solar water heaters to be the most efficient and reliable water heating systems based on solar power technologies. In general, people love systems manufactured by this company due to high quality, compactness, and durability. Also, one of the most remarkable things about Summer is probably its focus on eco-friendliness. Solar water heating systems manufactured by this company are known for high heating capacity and excellent heat absorption – an extremely important feature that ensures owners’ safety and comfort.