Solar Water Heater Repair Service

Solar water heaters are quite durable and rarely show any wear or breakage. However, it doesn’t mean that these things never happen. There are a lot of things that may break or cause trouble, with regards to malfunctioning solar water heaters. Lucky for you, Solar Heater Depot is not just a premium retailer, but as well is excellently good at solar heater repair in Malaysia.

As we’ve mentioned above, there are rather many reasons for getting a hold of a solar heater service which most commonly include:

  • Reduced or lack of heating
  • Tripped booster
  • Leaking or cracked panels
  • Leaking fitting and pipes
  • Malfunctioning backup heater
  • Lacking or insufficient water
  • Inadequate water pressure
  • Greasy and stinking water tanks
  • Rusty water
  • Faulty switches
  • Damaged or broken valves
  • Thermostat malfunction.

Whether you have a SolarTech, Summer, Polo or any other solar heater system, you may experience some of these issues once in a while. The thing is that the centralized water supply is not the safest and cleanest thing in Malaysia and it can cause many things, including issues with valves and switches, corrosion, tank muddying due to residuals, and so on. You can never be too safe or cautious, so if you notice even a sign of abovementioned issues, make sure to give us a call and our team will arrive to your place – whether home, office or any other facility – in no time to solve them.

Call Solar Heater Depot now to find out more about our solar water heater repair service and get a free quotation!